Letter to the Editor

Review about eatery wrong

To the Editor:

The review of the Lally Galley by Nick Zieve (February 13, page 13) was not only sloppy and lazy reporting, but also highly inaccurate and offensive. Rendering an unsupported opinion, printed in the Features section of the paper, is completely irresponsible. This is particularly the case in that he admittedly never bothered to walk once—in three years—to see it for himself, nor to so much as say hello to the staff.

Marion, who has been working as a staff member of the Lally
Galley for many years, is a wonderful woman who takes joy in talking with the students and making them smile. If Mr. Zieve had made any effort at all, rather than relying on what he “heard” (his words), he would have most certainly seen this to be the case. Moreover, it is insulting that he is so dismissive in stating he will just “leave it to the Business Majors” (his words), which suggests an opinion that those in the business program are less deserving of eating options and atmosphere than other choices that are “worth the walk” (again, his words).

As a senior reviewer, Mr. Zieve should be expected to do a bare minimum of his own research, rather than rely on vague and inconsiderate opinions from undisclosed persons. I concede that the food choices and ambience of the Lally Galley are not at the same standard as that of Evelyn’s Café at EMPAC. As an aside, it should be noted that Evelyn’s Café is open for only three hours per day, compared to the six hours per day that the Lally Galley is open for business, which provides less credibility for his weak excuse of limited hours inhibiting his efforts to make a personal visit. Regardless, I invite him to take a long-overdue walk to meet Marion for himself.

Quoting many of Mr. Zieve’s words from his article, “I personally have not” met him during his “entire three years at RPI,” but “I’ve heard that” his failing to do minimal research and rendering opinions derived from second-hand sources is “potentially even more strange” than other reviewers at The Poly. This makes me rather grumpy.