Staff Editorial: Front page Poly misprint slipped through the cracks

Last week, The Polytechnic made a grave mistake: our front page headline was both incorrect and misleading. The headline “School of HASS acquires Music Association; The Rensselaer Music Association will no longer be funded by the Rensselaer Union” was an unfortunate misprint, as it is entirely false. The article, however, was factually correct. The School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences did not acquire the Rensselaer Music Association, and the RMA will still be funded by the Rensselaer Union. We regret the error, and will work hard to prevent such mistakes from happening in the future. To Dean Mary Simoni and the HASS department, members of the RMA, and the rest of the RPI community, we apologize for the mistake. To see the full list of corrections, please turn to page 3.

However, accidents like this are not frequent occurrences. Every Tuesday night, The Poly strives to thoroughly proofread every article, going through an initial three-read copy-editing process. The first two reads are by general staff members, while the third read can only be done by people who have been trained and certified by our copy editor. These articles are then laid out on the page, where they get read through another three times and are then finaled by a member of The Poly’s senior board (those people in the box below with after their name). This system exists so that we can catch even the smallest mistakes, and to make sure that the senior board is aware of what is going in the paper for which they are accountable. However, sometimes, mistakes get through.

We would like to thank President of the Union Jonathan Stack ’13 for sending an e-mail out after the issue’s publication which helped to clarify the issue. Turn to page 5 to check out what he wrote and to read more about the article. If anyone else would like to submit a letter to the editor for publication about this or any other matter, e-mail

The Poly is a forward-looking publication that is always looking to improve. As such, we will be learning from our mistakes. We’re looking into relaxing headline rules, preventing editors from being forced into writing awkward titles. Our Editorial Board is also trying to better distribute the workload so we don’t have tired staff proofreading late at night. Please direct any feedback about this or any other aspects of the paper to After all, it’s your paper.