Editorial Notebooks

Technology entertains, informs

I like technology. I have quite a few technological devices. I’m not sure I’d be in college if it wasn’t for technology; if I had to apply to RPI with a paper form rather than online, they wouldn’t have been able to read my writing. As such, I’m typing this notebook right now on my laptop while my iPhone is ringing and I’m listening to music streamed from the server I built.

The server sits next to the TV in the living room of my house in a small town in Massachusetts. You’d never even know it was there. Yet, on it, I have over 26,000 songs, roughly 100 movies, and the capacity to hold several hundred thousand photos. Disregarding the photos, that’s nearly three months of solid entertainment. All of those goodies are accessible to me (or whoever I give credentials to) anywhere in the world. I use a software package called Subsonic as a media server. There are iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Roku, and desktop apps for it, so I can actually stream anywhere in the world with only a cell phone connection. I could be driving down the road in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Idaho, and be listening to my favorite The Who album. Let’s say that car traveling down the road in Idaho was being driven by someone other than me. I could be watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or any episode of Seinfeld in full high definition. When I’m at home, my laptop automatically detects the server, which shows up just like a regular hard drive; I can seamlessly pull data off of it and save data onto it. It’s in this way that technology is integrated with my life.

I also have a Google calendar. Well, three or four of them. They all can be accessed in a browser, through the calendar app on my iPhone, or using Windows Gadgets on my desktop. If I was to change an event on my MacBook, it will automatically update on my T430, my iPhone, and my home desktop. It also updates a calendar that I set up for my mother, so she could see—at least in high school—what I did when. Nowadays, I refrain from putting the weekend parties I attend on my calendar. (Just kidding, Mom.)

Technology not only entertains me when I’m in Idaho (I’ve never actually been), it also helps me manage my life. Between school, the fraternity (rush Zeta Psi),The Poly,and my personal life, I have 20-30 events every week. There is no possible way that I could remember all of the things I need to do as simply as I do without technology. And because Apple didn’t implement an easy way to add calendar events on a phone, I usually have to add events on my computer. It’s a good thing everything syncs automatically.