Staff Editorial

Staff Editorial: Student Incentive Program offers discounts to students

The Student Incentive Program is a special deal offered by various Troy businesses in which a discount of roughly 10–15 percent off of meals and services is offered to local college students. The discount, which was started last year, is an attempt to lure students down from Rensselaer Mountain
and into local establishments, as providing students with cheaper days and nights out and about in Troy should create a larger customer base.

The program offers discounts on a huge variety of services: everything from barbershops and bookstores to diners and museums. A complete list of places that participate in the program can be found at

However, students seem to be either unaware of the special deals, or they simply do not wish to peruse Troy establishments.
Through a disinterest in what the program includes, a lack of desire to spend money, or a general discomfort with the apparent “sketchiness” of the Troy area, many do not fully take advantage of the great offers of the area. But with the RPI shuttles running until 11 pm on Friday nights and the well-lit streets surrounding most areas of interest, there is no real reason not to venture off of the hill.

Another underutilized way to experience Troy is the Troy Night Out experience. This is an event that occurs during the last Friday of every month, during which many establishments are open late and feature significant deals on food, services, and shopping. For example, the popular D.P. Dough restaurant handed out two-for-$10 calzones this past Troy Night Out. However, students shouldn’t be afraid to venture out to some of the less popular—but still good—places around town, such as The Daily Grind. Everyone seems to know that The Ruck gives out free wings on Friday nights—for those old enough to grace its premises—but many do not venture very far from that popular bar. We encourage all students to check out to see all the events, deals, and excitement downtown Troy has to offer!