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GM champions safety

As we near the end of September, we have a lot to look forward to in October. In just a couple weeks our hockey teams have their home openers; we will be hosting Reunion & Homecoming, Family Weekend, and many more exciting things will be happening as well.

September went by very fast, and reflecting on this past month, we have seen so many improvements and positive changes on campus. The biggest difference, and quite possibly the most important progress we’ve made, is in our student safety. Compared to last year, we’ve had almost no problems. The number of off-campus incidents such as noise violations, and other more serious offenses, have been in the single digits. The number of hospital transportations (albeit, not a good thing) can be counted on one hand. Our campus has shown tremendous improvement in protecting the safety of us as students. It’s hard to say whether the student culture has changed, or the combination of all of the different initiatives that the school has been working on (such as AlcoholEDU, S.P.A.M., or Cary Dresher’s work with the Off-Campus Commons) is the driving factor. One thing is for sure though, there are no complaints about these results from parents, students, faculty, or administration.

On Monday, September 24, the Student Senate tried to lend a hand and do its part in making the campus a safer place. We conducted our Light Walk, a tradition which is usually done to try and spot places on or near campus that may need more lighting to feel and be safer. This includes Beman Park and the streets past Congress so that students that live further away from campus are not neglected. There were certainly places that my group had walked that were maybe a tad sketchy—especially the farther that we were from campus. Finance, Facilities, and Administration’s Chair, Russell Brown ’14 will be bringing the results of the Light Walk to the appropriate parties.

Last week, the Freshmen Elections were finished, ending the three week campaign process! The turnout for the election was one-third of the freshmen class! Pretty good for no free mug! The Class of 2016 Council is going to meet with the other class councils, and Undergraduate Council President Erin McAllister ’14 to get them up to speed. Don’t forget—class councils are open to anyone to join! If you have an event idea that you want to bring up to your class council, you may even get to implement and run it!

In other election news, the presidential elections are coming up, as well as local elections. The Senate, Alpha Phi Alpha, and Rensselaer are working together to have voter registration available to students next week, from Monday to Wednesday. If you see these tables, don’t forget to register to vote. There are also plans for Presidential Debates and guest speakers, so stay tuned!

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