Stack discusses E-board goals and responsibilities

Hi, everyone! For those upperclassmen returning to campus, welcome back! For members of the Class of 2016, my name is Jonathan Stack ’13 and I am the current President of the Union. Welcome to RPI, and more importantly, welcome to the Rensselaer Union!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their summer vacation and is ready to go for another year of college. Over the summer, I worked for The Boeing Company in Everett, Washington in Flight and Weight Sciences. My official job title was Mass Properties Engineering Intern, and I worked on fuel loading analysis for the new 737 MAX among other projects. The job itself was a dream come true; I was able to work on a physical problem in industry where I could apply the knowledge and skills that I had accrued over the first three years of my education. The Seattle-area was stunning; I took many weekend trips into the city, and also into the more secluded areas near the mountains. Having never been to the west coast (or even come close to it), this summer was certainly a great experience.

But enough about me; let’s talk about clubs! The Union Activities Fair is coming up on this Thursday, August 30, from 6–9 pm in the Armory. This is by far the best opportunity for students to see all that the Union has to offer. Talk with clubs and sign up for activities that interest you, seem fun, or you have never tried before. It is definitely an event that you don’t want to miss!

Over the summer, I have been working with new members of the Union Executive Board to set in place a plan to better represent clubs here on campus. Executive Board members will be walking around to meet their representative club officers during the Activities Fair. Please take a chance and get to know your Board Rep, exchange contact information, and explain what your particular club does. I have tasked each Board member with meeting officers from each of their clubs by the end of September. Budgeting will be here before you know it, so I encourage you to meet early and often with your representative.

If you are new to RPI, please consider applying to the Executive Board. It is a group composed entirely of students which is responsible for managing all Union finances and interacting with the clubs, programs, and services that operate under the Union. Students on the Board will be assigned to a number of clubs and will be responsible for working with those clubs to develop budgets, work through proposals, and gain an understanding of how each club functions. During Executive Board budgeting, each student representative will then serve as a liaison between clubs and the rest of the Board, answering questions related to each program and goal of a budget. Ultimately, the goal of the Union Executive Board is to produce a budget that accurately reflects current club operations and activities funded by the activity fee that maximizes the student experience.

I am looking to select two new members from the Class of 2016 shortly after class elections, so make sure to get those applications in soon. As always if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact me (