Editorial Notebooks

Freshman prepares for summer

The end of this semester has been quickly approaching. There are many things to be done to prepare. With my parents in Florida and Texas, going back home is not trivial. I must find a way to get all my belongings to a storage unit, buy airplane tickets—most likely to Florida—and start to study for finals. Oh, and did I mention my summer job?

Currently, I am looking at five companies, three of which I applied to through the RPI Spring Career Fair. One, I e-mailed my resumé to the company’s head of Human Resources. And the last, where I am already known at, is where my dad works; therefore I am already in line for an interview to work in the Web/IT department. If none of these work out (I didn’t hear back from anyone at the Career Fair) then I will be doomed to work at some minimum wage job. I need to get work experience this summer since I have never worked before—besides my photography business, which can’t really be considered work experience since it was all self-employment.

Also on my agenda for this summer is learning how to drive. Yes, I do not have my license yet and do not know how to drive—on the road that is. A lot of the places I looked at applying to work at would have been fine if I had a license. The last two jobs I applied to are more feasible at the moment; one is less than a mile from my dad’s office building and the other is in his building. This eliminates the driving problem for this summer while I learn and the problem of finding somewhere to live while I am working.

One of the benefits that I am looking forward to is to being in Florida … two miles from the beach. I’m hoping to be able to spend time scuba diving and running on the beaches. Also two miles away are outdoor racquetball courts so I can keep up on my racquetball and get ready for next semester’s tournaments.

I also plan on taking some free online courses on http://www.udacity.com/. These courses are taught through video lectures by various college professors and provide problem sets to solve for each unit. Each course is meant to be taken in six weeks. Currently they have six courses available with more coming. Right now, only computer science-related courses are available. I am already taking CS387 Applied Cryptography and I plan on taking more, if not all of them, over the summer. The quality of the videos is really good and the professors are quite interesting. I highly recommend them, even for non-CS majors. I have heard CS101 starts assuming you know nothing about programming.

After work, courses, and fun in Florida, I will visit my mom in Texas and the rest of my family on her side. Then I head back to my home, RPI, and reunite with all my friends here.