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FFA aims to improve campus, address concerns

Hello RPI! This week the Senate held its shortest meeting of the semester. I am proud to announce the approval of the amended Union Executive Board By-laws and Anthony Fischetti ’13 to the position of regular member of the Judicial Board. The by-law amendments included minor updates to better reflect current procedures, and the addition of a GPA requirement for Executive Board members and the President of the Union.

This Tuesday the Senate Communications Group held “Scoops with the Senate,” an informational program held in Barton Hall. The program covered how to get involved in the Student Senate, both as a candidate and committee member. Ending with discussion of and voting on mock motions, the program gave attendees a glimpse of the life of a Student Senator!

The column below is written by Senator Paul O’Neil ’14, chair of the Finance, Facilities, and Administration Committee. I hope you find it informative and interesting. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at with any questions, comments, or concerns!

Walking around campus, there are a great many things that contribute to one’s day running smoothly: a shuttle taken to class in an efficient manner, a friendly and satisfying dining hall experience, a safe campus environment, and overall good facilities. The Finance, Facilities, and Administration Committee of the Senate ensures that these aspects of student life at RPI are attended to. FFA deals with food services, parking and transportation, the Department of Public Safety, and Institute finances and facilities. Through talking with administrators and public forums, the committee ensures that student concerns are addressed.

In the past, FFA has held Student Safety Panels to educate students about ongoing efforts made by the Department of Public Safety and to allow students to voice their concerns. Likewise, the committee has worked with Sodexo to ensure that the needs of students with dietary restrictions are addressed. Similarly, FFA has worked with Residence Education forums to make certain that the Institute is attending to student concerns. FFA also holds an annual Light and Safety Walk to let the Department of Public Safety know if any areas of campus are problematic. The committee has also collaborated with the Web Technologies group to help with laundry alerts and shuttle tracking.

Another way the Finance, Facilities, and Administration Committee is collecting student input is through Senate surveys. In the most recent survey, students were asked about classroom conditions, among other things. With this contribution, the Senate will be better able to help improve student experience. Later this spring, the Finance, Facilities, and Administration Committee is planning on holding another Student Safety Panel with the Department of Public Safety.

If you have any concerns or are interested in learning more about the FFA Committee, feel free to contact me at or the committee at You can also attend one of our weekly meetings, held at 9 pm on Wednesdays in the Student Government Suite.