Staff Editorial: Steps taken toward improved communication

Last Thursday, Vice President for Student Life Tim Sams hosted the first of his biweekly office hours in the Rensselaer Union. The open session, which was held in order to open communication between students and higher ups, was a good step toward improving campus life; without interaction within the RPI community, the Institute cannot become better.

In addition to Sams hosting open office hours, Student Life has been opening communication within The Poly; since the start of this semester, the department has published multiple articles about various things that affect students such as the residence hall lottery, and a bit more clarity in terms of goals the Institute has for the future.

For this, The Poly commends Sams and Student Life for opening interaction both in person and in print. It is important that they do so, as in the past, criticism has been said that the administration is less than forthcoming with talking to the Rensselaer community.

We hope that students or anyone else with concern uses the office hours along with The Poly to help in their need of communication in the future. In addition, we hope the administration continues talking with the Rensselaer community in order to better the atmosphere of the campus.