Editor’s Corner

printf(“Hello, World\n”);

Hello, world.

Well, kind of.

Each Poly Editor in Chief typically writes a notebook in their first issue to introduce themselves to the RPI community, and outline plans. However, there are two problems with that statement.

First of all, I’m not really your Editor in Chief. I’m only acting at it, filling in by default (which isn’t good; I’m a pretty lousy actor). See that box to the left? Yeah, for some reason it has my name at the top. I’m not sure why, but I guess that is the risk one takes when running for the second highest position on The Poly’s senior board.

Second, this isn’t my first issue. I’ve been “Acting” Editor in Chief for all three issues this semester. Why am I waiting this long to write my first notebook? Well, besides really hoping that everything would be worked out and return to normal (which is unlikely to happen at this point), I don’t really know. I’m sort of just winging everything. At least I have a pretty full Senior Board (including our previous EIC) to back me up.

Anyway, hello. I’m T.J.. The Acting EIC of your friendly neighborhood campus paper. I’m also apparently the de facto Editorial and Opinion Editor, the Systems Director, and the Web Director.

Normally, a new EIC uses most of this space to outline their plans for the coming year. Having prepared an entire platform for use at elections, these plans are usually already laid out and well-defined, and simply needing rewording in notebook form.

I, on the other hand, was elected to be Senior Managing Editor. I have no plans, except maybe to rule The Poly with an iron fist of justice and awesomeness.Whatever that means.

If I did have plans, maybe they’d be something along the lines of trying to increase editor efficiency by pushing to have content submitted earlier. After all, the more sleep editors get (or at least, the fewer lost hours of sleep blamed on The Poly; I can’t ensure that an earlier closing actually means more sleep), the better.

Perhaps, if I had some sort of vision for this fine paper, it might also include soliciting feedback from students. We’ve tried it in the past (and by “tried,” I mean we put a survey in the summer issue when no one was on campus and pretended to be surprised when we received very few responses). Having been the person working on getting our web site back online, I enjoyed the feedback I saw in my interactions with RPI’s sub-reddit whenever I posted an issue online.

Maybe, had I been given time to think about things, I would have decided that I want to improve this paper by making sure everyone can read The Poly online. Oh wait. I already sort of did that. “Sort of,” because I’m not done uploading all of the issues from the period where we didn’t have any sort of Web Director/didn’t bother posting things online. I hope to get around to that, but, with recent craziness (see above), I hope people can understand if that doesn’t happen in a timely manner.

So instead of having a well-defined platform, I find myself in the position of Editor in Chief, with no real plans, and an awesome, competent editorial staff. I guess I have no choice but to make things work.

P.S. My apologies if anyone saw the headline and was disappointed that this wasn’t a notebook about computer science.