Editorial Notebooks

Editor misses family, finds hope

I have decided that it is pretty rough to live on one side of the U.S. and go to school clear on the other side. The traveling back and forth for summer and winter break is strenuous enough, but having to miss out on Chinese New Year because I have to rush back to Troy for school is not cool. Coincidentally, this year’s Chinese New Year landed on the first day of school—really, it sucked. Not only did I not get to be home and spend time with my entire family (relatives included) during the big dinner together, I also missed out on the delicious Chinese food that they made! But alas, life isn’t always fair.

Then I remembered that I could celebrate with my friends here during the Chinese American Students Association Chinese New Year Formal on the February 10. I didn’t go to the one the group put on last year because I was busy and not really that interested in the formal, since I had already celebrated back at home; but this year I am revved up and ready to go since I missed out on being with my family and felt really bummed out about it. At least I get to celebrate with my friends this year!

Speaking of school, it’s just barely started and the work is already piling up and making me wonder if I have any free time left. There are already club deadlines, quizzes on the first week back, the Career Fair to prepare for, and for those of us who are sophomores, housing plans to figure out for next year since we don’t have to live on campus anymore … In other words, everyone is just scrambling for their lives.

Ever since my friends started asking me whether I have found an apartment or house to live in next year, I have been in a panic to find somewhere to live. I do not want to end up homeless or forced to live in school housing again, since it’s so expensive and I want to try living off campus for once. Many of them have told me that they have already signed the lease for their house and when I contacted the landlord for the houses I looked at on the RPI Off-Campus Housing website they told me they have already rented out those houses. Then I start freaking out since chances are slim on finding a house that is close to campus and affordable.

Then I realized that I was being pessimistic. There was still hope yet, so I shouldn’t give up so fast on finding somewhere to live. So now, the goal is to keep on trying and to not give up hope when the semester has just begun, and there is Spring Break and summer vacation to look forward to. And finally, my hard work and perseverance has paid off! My roommates and I have finally found a place to live and we are signing the lease soon, so that is one worry out of my mind, and now I can focus on school. So, everyone, don’t give up, no matter how bad it looks.