Editor’s Corner

Editor hopeful for RPI, Poly

The last time I wrote an editorial was in the beginning of the fall semester. In that article, I talked about my return to school from a year-long leave of absence, and how great it was to be back at RPI for the fall semester.

Now that the semester is almost over, all I can think of is this: I was mad pro at timing my return.

There’s been a lot going on this fall, from the departure of Laban Coblentz (I’m going to call it: the thing that started it all), the men’s hockey team having a lackluster season (I still have faith in you guys), and the Student Senate having long and intense meetings to articulate its concerns about RPI (see: State of the Institute).

But all that makes it sound like this fall has been completely awful, which most definitely isn’t the case. I’ve made a bunch of new friends, reacquainted myself with old one, and continued my involvement with The Poly. So much so, in fact, that I’m currently Editor in Chief of the newspaper you’re reading. In the words of the editor before me, “I’m in charge. Me. I can boss people around and print terrible things about important people and leak classified documents, all because I have the power to do so. And if I say so, it’ll happen, because I’m EIC.”

I guess that’s not exactly how it works (as Sarah Hulse, too, went on to point out), but it’s a humorous idea. On a more serious note, I do have realistic goals and ideas for The Poly: to keep up-to-date with coverage, provide more variety of articles, improve quality/quantity of pieces, and continue to update/maintain the website. I won’t be able to get any of that done without the support of all the editors you see in the staff box below. But I’m confident that they, too, are on the same boat and will make this newspaper the best that they can.

However, these are just a few of my ideas (vague as they may be). If you have any feedback, send it to us at poly@rpi.edu (just keep it constructive). Want to help out with writing articles? Send an e-mail to the appropriate section. Got an opinion about something or want to promote an event/cause on campus? Shoot us a Letter to the Editor or My View (the more editorials, the better). Want to take photos, work on layout, or improve your grammar through copy-reading? E-mail the respective department to find out more. Like working with money, websites, or computers? The Poly has a place for those who have a knack for that, too. We’re always looking for more help.

But really, more than anything else, the most important way to help The Poly is by providing your continued readership. While I can endlessly wax poetic about how words are dead until they are read, I won’t bore you with that an instead leave you with the idea that there are so many stories and ideas waiting to be told, and The Poly might just be the publication to help with that.

This is the last issue of the semester, so check back for more in January. In typical Michael Chu fashion, I’m really nervous, but also really hopeful and excited (for both The Polytechnic and RPI). We’ll try our hardest to produce the most bestest, greatest newspaper ever.

It will be great.