Staff Editorial: Poly website running after long hiatus

It has been a long year and a half, but we at The Poly would like to announce the reopening of our website at The Poly has been hard at work to bring this service back to our readers, as we’ve received many requests for an online version of our weekly publication. We apologize for the long hiatus; over the past few semesters, The Poly has lacked the resources to maintain a proper website. Not only did we have to find the talent necessary to fix the interface, but we also had to build a new server to replace our rapidly deteriorating and obsolete infrastructure. As of now, we have not only managed to bring our website back up, but we have completely redesigned it.

What does this mean for readers? It means that we are giving you another way to stay up-to-date on campus news with your computer, smartphone, or tablet. That doesn’t mean we will be discontinuing our print service; we will still deliver the content you want on newspaper, a service that has been provided to the RPI community since 1885. However, having a website provides The Poly with a means to keep anyone who is off campus current with news around the Institute, whether they be alumni, parents, or anyone with a general concern for Rensselaer.

An online service also means we can host content that would otherwise be impossible to print. This possibly means posting special spreads, slideshows, or other interactive media. This also means we can post content that couldn’t make it into the newspaper due to space constraints, such as multiple pictures of a certain event.

Most importantly, having a website means we can post breaking news without having to wait until next Wednesday, something we plan on doing in the future.

Keep in mind that our website is only in the early phase of its development; there will be plenty of changes and improvements in the weeks to come. As an example, we are working hard to design a better, more consolidated front-page layout. If you have any suggestions or comments, website or otherwise, please send them to We’re always open to new ideas.