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Reunion successful

“Here’s to the friends we’ve made at dear old RPI!” These words, the last line of our Alma Mater, rang throughout campus this weekend as over 2,000 registered alumni returned for our annual Reunion & Homecoming weekend.

Probably the most attended event by the current student body was the Rensselaer vs. St. Lawrence football game on Saturday. While the game itself was very exciting, the part that stands out in my mind is when the Class of ’61 was called onto the field to be recognized. Several exceptionally spirited alumni took that opportunity to run on the field to lead the class in a chant, “e to the x, dy, dx…” It’s great to see that even years after graduation, so many of our alumni have this much spirit and pride in our Institute.

Many students also took the opportunity to interact with alumni during the Protest Era Alumni Panel. This panel, organized by retired Director of the Union Rick Hartt ’70, focused on the student social movements of the ’60s and ’70s at RPI. If you were unable to attend this panel, you will soon be able to find it on RPITV’s website,

This last event that I’m going to discuss was primarily geared towards alumni, but it serves as a valuable resource to the current Rensselaer community as well. This past Friday was President Shirley Ann Jackson’s State of the Institute event, during which she described the current initiatives and exciting progress here at Rensselaer. We were especially excited to hear Jackson mention the Student Senate Advocacy, Community, and Advancement Committee in connection with RPI Relief, an initiative designed to bring Rensselaer volunteers to aid communities affected by Hurricane Irene. If you were unable to attend the event, I encourage you to watch the recording located on the Multimedia Services website,

To quote Glenn Brown, member of the Rensselaer Alumni Association, “[Reunion & Homecoming Weekend] was orchestrated to perfection … Take a bow, staff members!” Seeing the excitement that alumni have toward Rensselaer years after their graduation is an exciting reminder of the influence and traditions of dear old Rensselaer!