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RPI students sample Troy’s finest pizza

SIGMA PHI EPSILON BROTHERS DYLAN MARTINEZ ’12 AND BRADLEY MITCHELL ’13 AWARD DeFazio’s Pizzeria with the best overall pizza award, as voted upon during the fraternity-hosted Third Annual Pizza Tasting.

To the Editor:

This past month some of Troy’s finest pizzerias came together for Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Third Annual Pizza Tasting. Each year, during Fall Rush, as part of their goal to bring RPI students closer to the community of Troy, the brothers of SigEp hold the pizza tasting. The previous years have seen fantastic turnouts and this year was no different, with as many as 150 people participating in the event. The brothers were able to get nine pizzerias to participate in this year’s competition, including student favorites like Pizza DaVinci and Big Apple Pizza, as well as national pizza chain Domino’s.

Not only did well-known favorites donate pizzas, but some of Troy’s lesser-known pizzerias participated as well, giving them a great chance to gain exposure to RPI students. Many of the more unknown places, such as Valenti’s Pizzeria and Pub, Carol’s Place, and DeFazio’s Pizzeria, did relatively well compared to the eateries close to campus. This has allowed them to reach out to a consumer group that may not have known about them otherwise, which overall has a positive impact on local business in Troy.

Each pizzeria donated its best pies—cheese and specialty—to SigEp as the brothers opened their doors to the students. People were encouraged to rank the pizzas on several criteria, such as cheese, sauce, topping, crust, and overall. There were separate winners for each category and all of them received plaques to proudly display. After all the votes were tallied, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, last year’s winner, Pizza DaVinci’s, was unseated. The new winners were DeFazio’s Pizzeria and Carol’s Place, voted best overall and best specialty, respectively. Carol’s Place is located at 536 Pawling Ave., and DeFazio’s Pizzeria is located at 266 4th St., and it is strongly recommended that you give them a try if you have not already.

“We are anxious to see what next year will bring and we hope Carol’s and DeFazio’s will try to defend their respective titles,” said Roger Samson ’13, president of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Dylan Martinez ’12, vice president of recruitment for the fraternity, added, “I was blown away by the level of participation we saw from the pizzeria owners. They really went above and beyond to help make Pizza Tasting a resounding success, and we were truly pleased with how well the event turned out. Next year’s Pizza Tasting will be bigger and better than ever before, so keep an eye out!” With an event that has been such a growing success, the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon look ahead to next year hoping for an even greater turnout and more participation.

We would like to give one final thanks to the participants in this year’s Pizza Tasting: DeFazio’s, Carol’s, Chris’, Big Apple, DaVinci’s Valenti’s, Hoosick, Dante’s, and Domino’s. The Third Annual Pizza Tasting was an overwhelming success, and next year’s will likely be even better!

Devin Nathaniel

CIVL ’13