Senate seat brings hope

America’s tea party activists and Americans against the progressives’ agenda have just won a huge historic victory! The election of Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts changes the game. Democrats no longer hold a super majority and must include the GOP in the decision making process. That means the progressive agenda now has a check and balance. This has been the American people’s loudest and strongest protest to the democrats’ “progressive” agenda to date. The Kennedy senate seat is in GOP hands! The Obama government started to step over citizen’s freedoms! Insisting they know what’s right for us, there was nothing we as republicans could do to stop it. Until the election of Scott Brown!

To progressives, the Constitution is now apparently a debatable base point of the law, open to be changed and manipulated. They are not respecting its original intent, to define and protect forever our inalienable rights.

Now that the GOP has taken back a part of our country’s political apparatus with the recent election, we must build on the momentum with the 2010 elections. Support your conservative candidates, so that we can defeat the “progressives”! We stand up for our rights; they cannot walk over the will of the people.

The Progressives have pushed us way too far left, America’s people realize it. The Progressives will pull back from their extreme socialist agenda. or I predict a rainy season is coming for Dem’s and after this election cycle there will not be many elected progressive socialists left in office.

We are on the brink of becoming a country where competition is limited or controlled. There are no longer to be winners and losers, it’s “give them the wealth” so everyone is a winner. This is just not American! There has to be competition, because that’s what makes our system so productive and vibrant. It keeps our society improving technologically. Don’t get in the way of companies who need to fail. Let them fail, as it’s a healthy part of competition, keeps American companies strong, and keeps our products steadily improving.

Join us in Union Room 2124, Wednesday nights at 8 pm, if you want to join the GOP and help take back our country from the progressives in 2010! Once we lose capitalism, we lose our freedoms!

Editor’s Note: “The Elephant’s Peanut Gallery” is an opinion column granted by the Editorial Board to the College Republicans.