Editor reflects on past valentines

I met the first love of my life when I was about 10. His name was Jake and his family moved in next door to mine. I saw him for the first time walking home from the bus stop and I thought he was the cutest thing ever. Some people said that he had crooked ears or that his hair was a funny color, but I did not agree. We became pretty good pals. I would go over to his house as often as I could—it didn’t hurt that his dad worked at the Nabisco factory and there were always cookies around the house. The thing about Jake was that even though he was young, he had an old soul. He was a serious guy, but he could cheer me up after an emotionally taxing day of middle school like nothing else. He and the cookies, that is…

Then my family moved to a new state my junior year of high school. I was the new kid, and trying hard to fit in and make new friends. The awesome thing about Cooper was that I didn’t have to try. He met me, and he liked me. Actually, if Cooper was ever out on a morning stroll and ran into Darth Vader, they’d be chilling by the afternoon. It felt good to have someone who was happy happy happy to see me when no one at my new school could remember my name. Cooper was totally different than Jake: shorter and more traditionally cute. He had the biggest brown eyes and the most energetic personality. Some would say hyper and loud, but I say “full of spirit.”

When I came home the first summer after college, I worked at the same place I had in high school, but there was a new person doing finance. I went over to her house one day and I met Lola. Oh, Lola. It was love at first sight. When she ran up to me and planted her paws on my chest and gave me the biggest, sloppiest kiss, I knew we were meant to be. The thing about dogs is that their love is just as rewarding as a person’s but given so much more freely. On Valentine’s Day, here’s to hoping that the real love of my life is as smart as Jake, as funny as Coop and as sweet as Lola. Here’s to knowing that regardless of boys, I will always have puppies to love.