Judicial Board here for you

It is my great privilege to serve Rensselaer as Chair of the Judicial Board. I would like to thank Grand Marshal Michael Zwack ’11 and the 40th Student Senate for selecting me for this position. This is my eighth and final semester as an undergraduate, and it certainly will be my most exciting one yet.

What does the Judicial Board do? From the Rensselaer Union Constitution, the Judicial Board is “the primary court of judgment for cases in which the concept of student rights, responsibilities or conduct is in question.” The Judicial Board usually hears cases originating from the Dean of Students’ Office, but can also hear intergovernmental disputes, as well as “civil cases” among students or student groups. The Judicial Board is the least visible branch of student government, and rightfully so; case details are confidential.

The Judicial Board is also charged with reviewing student parking ticket appeals. Last semester, this did not happen on a regular basis. I’ll be meeting with Public Safety and other administrators next week to discuss the appeal process and to understand why the system broke down.

Lastly, I know that there are many things on this campus that compete for your attention and time. Finding and digesting your rights shouldn’t take up any more of your precious time. Over winter break, I searched and found many of these procedures that affect student life. Not only will the Judicial Board make these available to you, but we will be working on way to make these rules more palatable.

The Judicial Board, along with the rest of student government, is here to serve you. My office is in the Student Government Suite. Feel free to e-mail me at jboard@union.rpi.edu.