Sophomore housing not yet finalized

The Clustered Learning, Advocacy, and Support for Students initiative has already brought about a number of changes within student life on campus, and next semester will see a continuation of these changes. The student housing lottery process will undergo some modifications in light of accommodating the Sophomore Year Experience—a part of the CLASS initiative in which sophomores will be required to live on campus or in greek houses that sign the Greek Commons Agreement currently under review and discussion.

Although there was a plan for the student housing lottery process discussed at the Student Senate meeting last week, later talks with the administration have revealed that the process isn’t yet finalized. There have been iterative discussions about the best way to implement the initiative in a method fair to all students, with particular focus on how to cluster residence halls now and in the future. Because of the Sophomore Year Experience, sophomores will get first pick at most residence halls, but a finalized plan will not be available until the very end of the semester. No communication besides the preliminary information disseminated at the Senate meeting has yet been released, since the Division of Student Life isn’t yet absolutely certain on the plans for the lottery.

Many students are concerned about what these changes will mean to upperclassmen who hope to live on campus, especially those with housing scholarships. The Poly hopes these decisions are made as quickly as possible while still ensuring the process is well thought-out. Students who wish to look for apartments will have to start their search early in the spring semester if the housing lottery doesn’t look promising enough; however, if there is no finalized plan yet on what the selection process will be, such a decision will be made difficult for these students. In addition, if the preliminary plan discussed at the Senate meeting is being seriously considered by the administration, we hope that some of the wrinkles will be better ironed out before the process is finalized—such as the requirement of meal plans, the implications of moving those participating in theme housing, and the selection of which residence halls will be for sophomores versus upperclassmen.