Band together, stop backpack

To the Editor:

Recently, more than ever before, there have been egregious invasions of our right to retain our personal property on the RPI campus. Robberies of backpacks, laptops, and anything that is not attached to your person have been occurring in record breaking numbers in the last few months. They happen mostly in places we feel most safe, like the Commons Dining Hall, Russell Sage Dining Hall, even right in the classroom! These thieves are so brazen that they have taken a backpack from the back of a chair while the student was sitting there!

What should be done, you ask? Well, we students should stay vigilant, watch our things at all times, and surround ourselves with our friends to watch out for each other. Also, look around you and notice who is by you. Report anyone you notice taking something, because next time you might be the mark! I insist and implore you to do these things. As a victim of a backpack robbery just a few short weeks ago, I would like you to avoid the pain and inconvenience that this has caused me.

We can’t stop there, however. Someone else needs to step up. It is only fair that an equal or greater amount of effort must be done by the powers that be here at RPI to stop these atrocious acts.

Please help us help ourselves by providing tools to catch and prosecute the ring of thieves that currently reside on our campus, all the while protecting our own safety.