Theft rampant on campus

Recently, the Institute has seen a spike in crime both on- and-off campus. In the past few weeks, numerous students have been attacked or robbed while walking back to residence halls or apartments in the evening or night hours; some robberies have even involved weapons. Larceny has also been a large problem on campus, as multiple laptops and backpacks have recently been stolen out of dining halls.

It’s that time of year when it gets dark earlier while we’re forced to remain at the Rensselaer Union or Folsom Library late doing homework, studying for exams, or writing final papers. The Poly knows that by the time students are walking back, safety is only second on their minds to a nice warm bed; however, given the recent string of crime, we urge students to keeps these things in mind. Remember the obvious: Walk with a buddy or use Public Safety’s escort service (just call x6656, any time), but don’t stop there. Travel on well-lit streets and walk in the area of the sidewalk that has the best lighting. Be wary of people asking for directions or acting sick, since these are ploys that have been used by robbers in the past. Also avoid lingering in your car or in front of your apartment or residence hall when you arrive.

At least three laptops have also been stolen out of Commons Dining Hall in the past few weeks. Although no one has been caught yet, Public Safety believes that the suspects wait until students drop off their backpacks at a table and take them once the students have gone to get food. Students should avoid leaving belongings unattended in the dining halls, particularly those that are valuable. No one wants to buy a new laptop and lose all their information, so students should be wary.

We hope that these robberies and crimes cease in the last few weeks of the semester, and that Public Safety and the Troy Police Department continue to work to ensure our safety on campus. That being said, students must do their part to be proactive in preventing such crimes.