RPI union one-of-a-kind

It’s been a whirlwind week; I was part of a student delegation and Rensselaer Union administrative staff to the Region 2 Conference of the Association of College Union-International in Rochester, N.Y. It was a three-day event that included tours of local college unions, discussions on present student government issues, and presentations on what makes college unions great. We visited a lot of Rochester-area schools, including Rochester Institute of Technology, St. John Fisher College, and the University of Rochester. Their college unions/campus centers were nice, but nothing compared to our Rensselaer Union. RPI made a presentation on Concerto, the student-run campus digital signage system, and, to say the least, the audience was blown away. It’s especially satisfying to see our peer institutions amazed by what we do here at Rensselaer.

We certainly did a lot of fact-finding, but we also couldn’t keep away from what was happening at RPI. During the dinner banquets and late-night activities, we’d check our cell phones and sneak away to our laptops for the latest men’s hockey scores. Sure, it might be questionable as far as etiquette, but our Rensselaer Engineers were amazing this weekend. Defeating Yale University and Brown University are just as substantial as beating Union College or Clarkson University; it’s something I’m sure we all can get used to.

If you haven’t already, you definitely need to be getting to some RPI hockey games, both men’s and women’s. We have amazing Division-I players, and our coaches have really brought our hockey program to a new level. Check out the hockey schedules at the RPI athletics website, http://www.rpiathletics.com/, or visit the box office at the Houston Field House (they’ll be happy to see you). Events like Pack the House, Black Friday, Greek Night, Whiteout, and Big Red Freakout! are great games to go to, but the regular games are plenty of fun, too. I want to see you at a hockey game, and you can find me: Section 15, Row J, and Seat 7.

Today at 4:15 pm in Union room 3202, Vice President for Student Life Eddie Ade Knowles will be talking with the Student Senate and other students about the Student Life Performance Plan; this is a document that guides the Institute to make the student life experience what it is today. You can find the document at the Student Senate document management website, http://documents.studentsenate.rpi.edu/. Read it over and stop by and ask the questions or say something that you think is important; we’re listening.

We have gotten an amazing response from the Student Senate JustAsk campaign; expect some guerilla marketing tactics in the next few weeks to get everyone more aware of what we’re trying to do: keep you informed at RPI. Shoot an e-mail to justask@rpi.edu or send one right to me at gm@rpi.edu. As always, you can find me in the GM/PU office in the Student Government Suite almost anytime.

I say what I feel is right, what best represents my student body, and what helps bring us somewhere even better than where we are now. I’m your voice, and I want to make sure what I say is right; so speak up!