Show your school spirit

Show your school spirit

It’s a great time to be an Engineer! As the colder weather blows into Troy, so does the sound of buzzers, cheers, and the pep band from the Houston Field House along with the conclusion of the fall sports season.

Family Weekend turned out to be a proud weekend for RPI athletics. Men’s hockey is off to a great start this season and has given Rensselaer students something to cheer about amidst a rough courseload. Although the women have hit a rocky patch, we’re hopeful that the team will get back into the rhythm of things soon and see some wins in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the football team pulled an amazing win over St. Lawrence University this past weekend, and men’s soccer is currently ranked No. 7 in the nation. Men’s and women’s cross country fared well in the NYSCTC Championships in Rochester (placing fourth and second, respectively) and both the men’s and women’s rugby teams have secured spots in this year’s playoffs.

It seems that with the construction of the East Campus Athletic Village, the newly uniformed Engineer teams have truly begun to thrive. The Poly would like to encourage students to get out of their rooms on weekends and cheer on our fellow students as our teams see such success (and even if they don’t, for that matter; school spirit can make a huge difference!).

After a weaker spirit at hockey line this year, we hope to see the support at games make up for that. Take advantage of the few nice days of the year in ECAV’s beautiful new stadium for a football game (free with your RPI ID). Spend a Friday or Saturday night at the Houston Field House cheering on whichever hockey team is home for the week (women’s games are free and men’s are only $5 for RPI students). Or, of course, go check out one of our other teams that are doing more than their share to bring a good name to dear old RPI!

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