Council shortens recruitment

Formal Recruitment underwent some major changes this fall as the Panhellenic Council worked toward shortening the sorority recruitment period to a mere six days compared to the four weeks in previous years. The new emphasis on rotational events as opposed to a series of individual house parties ensured that potential new members (PNMs) met the requirements of bid eligibility by meeting all five sororities, or women’s fraternities, and each house had an equal opportunity for exposure.

As sisters from different houses fought hard to impress PNMs with the best their chapter had to offer, recruitment counselors were utilized much more efficiently this fall, guiding PNMs through the three main rotational events, preference parties, and bid day. The term “rotational” aptly applies as PNMs were allotted 20 minutes per house before being escorted to another. Each house decorated a room in the Heffner Alumni House with a theme such as Pi Beta Phi’s “One fish, two fish, wine and silver blue fish” literacy event.

With less than a week of recruitment and restrictions on seeking out PNMs beforehand, houses also held fewer informal events—such as inviting PNMs out to lunch or over to the house to hang out. Regardless, the new system held more advantages towards members than in previous years. The shorter time frame decreased the chance of a house breaking any recruitment rule and allowed recruitment counselors to re-affiliate themselves sooner. Furthermore, less time was spent by both potential new members and sisters, leaving the remainder of the month for academics and extracurricular activities.