Check out the Poly website

The face of media has been constantly changing over the years; print media is becoming secondary to more immediate methods of getting information via sources like the Internet. News stories are moving towards more of a tabloid feel, and our generation is becoming steadily more interested in Kanye West’s behavior at the VMAs than policy decisions about the economy that students will eventually have to enter after graduation. While The Poly will not be turning our national news page into a detailed report of the latest celebrity entering rehab, we will be trying to keep up with the times in terms of technology as well as keeping our readers interested in our content.

If you haven’t made your way over to our new website, we urge you to do so. We still have some kinks we’re trying to work out, but you can get a feel for where we’re going—a prettier display and more frequently updated content. Our new interface will allow us to update the website with the latest happenings on campus, without you all having to wait anxiously for our next issue to read about something newsworthy. On Fridays, we will run a “Since We’ve Published” post on our new website with any items that we think you should know about to keep up with RPI news.

In addition to the new website, be on the lookout for some changes coming to the print version of The Poly this year. We are giving our Sports Scoreboard a facelift to give you just the information you want to know, and we’ll be making our What’s Happening page more pleasing to look at later in the semester. We will be introducing new comics to your favorite page to read during class and our Features section will be adding Recipes of the Week to help you escape the dreaded Commons with some fun new cuisine to try making with your friends. Who knows, you might even be able to find some “Weird Off the Wire” stories in the News section, which will be sure to make you laugh even in the midst of that DiffEQ homework.

With these changes, of course, we’ll need your feedback. So don’t hesitate to send all of your comments—the good, the bad, and the ugly—to us at Or you could send us an e-mail saying you’d like to join our staff and help fix it; we always welcome newcomers!