Letter To The Editor

RPI’s actions reinforced my decision not to donate

By Jessica Reichard '01 November 13, 2019

I was disgusted to see the local news' article, “CBS 6 INVESTIGATES: Federal Government Investigations into Sex Assaults at RPI.” As an alumni, it pains me to hear multiple ways each year that the administration does not support its students, and this adds another layer to that cake. As a woman, the inaction of the school is unacceptable. Rensselaer has told women not to report their assaults to the Troy Police Department and that they will address their concerns, but then they did nothing. The school obviously cares more about its image than the well-being of its female students.

I had decided years ago to no longer send donations to the school, and this reinforces that decision.

Jessica Reichard

MECL and STSO ’01, M.S. MGMT ’07