Student Rights

Rensselaer Student Handbook updated

Every year, the Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities is updated before the start of the Fall semester. This year, Greek life and student living policies took to center stage. Updates regarding fundraising, the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and policies for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles were added to the handbook.

Student Life Committee Chair Maya Ooki ’20 said the Student Senate is “able to suggest amendments and communicate with administration regarding these changes,” and that members of the Senate “dedicate time to carefully read the handbook and look for points of improvement to send back to administration.”

Ooki elaborated on this year’s changes to the handbook: “The Senate was able to communicate with administration to suggest changes brought to light by the student body, such as utilizing gender-neutral pronouns or including vaping in the Tobacco Use and Smoking Policy.”

Two staff administrators have been added to the original hearing board of two students and two faculty members. While the Greek Judicial Board will remain active in hearing the policy violations of fraternities and sororities, they’re no longer described in the Judicial section of the handbook.

In terms of housing, though first-year, second-year, and Arch attendees are required to stay on campus for that time, Rensselaer students are prohibited “from living in the residence of a fraternity or sorority whose recognition has been revoked or suspended by the Institute, or is not formally recognized by the Institute.”