New routes added to annual light walk

At the Student Senate meeting on October 30, the Senate discussed its plans for the annual light walk to take place at the meeting’s close. Every year, members of the Senate split up into groups to walk around campus and the surrounding area to look for anything that could potentially be unsafe, such as lights that are out or bushes that block the sidewalk. Anything they find gets reported to either the Department of Public Safety or the city of Troy, depending on the location.

In the meeting, Senator Nancy Bush ’19 spoke about a couple of new routes that had been added to the light walk; one on the way to City Station and another along 6th Street. She also mentioned that, this year, the new Associate Dean of the Off Campus Commons Kelly Thibault was invited and would be joining Director of Public Safety Jerry Matthews.

When The Poly asked Grand Marshal Justin Etzine ’18 if he will be participating in future interviews done by the Human Resources Interview Committee, citing a Reddit post from earlier that day, titled “HR excluding GM from future Director of the Union interviews; E-Board required to sign NDA.” Etzine responded that he would be participating and that the Reddit post was the first he had heard of the issue. Shortly after the post went up, he was added to the list and informed by the Division of Human Resources that it was just an accident.