Rensselaer beats Ithaca

Rensselaer won 2-1 against Ithaca College at an away game on Saturday, after scoring a point in the last minute of overtime.

The game did not begin well for the Engineers, after they kicked the ball into their own goal in the 19th minute, giving the Ithaca Bombers a point. Trevor Bisson ’21 made up for the error in the first minutes of the second half, heading in a goal after a pass from Cam Law ’21. The tie pushed the game into two rounds of overtime. Toward the end of the second, it was looking like the game would end in a tie. Then, in the 109th minute, Dylan Confair ’20 intercepted the ball and shot it past Ithaca’s goalie, giving Rensselaer the game.

At the end, both teams had made five saves. Ithaca had a slight shot advantage of 11-10. Rensselaer had an 8-7 advantage in corners.

The Engineers are playing Vassar College at home today, and will be away on Saturday to face off against Clarkson University.