Women’s soccer slams The Sage Colleges

THE RENSSELAER WOMEN’S SOCCER TEAM CONTINUED their 13 game winning streak against The Sage Colleges this past weekend.

This past weekend in women’s soccer, the Engineers played The Sage Colleges for the first time since September of 2007 when they achieved a 2–1 win. The Engineers have remained undefeated by the Gators for the past 22 years, with 13 games happening in that time period. They continued that streak with a strong 5–0 win. The game took place at home on Sunday at the East Campus Stadium.

The first goal of the game came from Emily Kaplan ’21 in a left-footed shot fired in the 15th minute of the game. This was followed shortly by a brilliant save by goalkeeper Joey Lyons ’20 that had the crowd up and cheering. These early successes set a cheery tone for the rest of the game.

The Engineers followed through on their strong start with a second goal scored in the 31st minute by wing-back Jeanine Moreau ’20 and a third scored by Alexis Castrellon ’20, who reacted off a low pass by Katya Kradinova ’19 in the 45th minute.

The second half of the game began with a corner kick by Dali Alarian ’18 that resulted in a goal. RPI ended the scoring at 5–0 with a goal by Olenka Soko ’21 in the 85th minute that was assisted by Kradinova.

This was a game of firsts for the Engineers as both Moreau and Castrellon scored their first goals of 2017. Kaplan, with the opening goal of the game, also scored the first goal of her collegiate career. In addition, the two assists made by Kradinova were the first two points of her own collegiate career.

The Engineers’ success brought them up to a final score of 3–2. They successfully outshot Sage 19–5, with the majority occurring in the first half.

They will be away for the next two games, playing at Smith College on Wednesday, September 13 at 4 pm and at SUNY Cortland on Saturday, September 16.