Engineers falter during ninth inning

Despite holding the lead for the majority of the game, RPI lost game one at the last minute

THE ENGINEERS WILL BE flying down to Lake Myrtle, FL for spring training games. (file photo)

Baseball continued its regular season last Sunday with a double header at Stevens Institute of Technology. The team had a rocky start and, unfortunately, this weekend was no different. They lost 5–6 in the first game, and 0–7 in the following one.

A home run for the Ducks at the bottom of the second started off the scoring for the afternoon. The Engineers answered in the next inning, with an RBI double from senior Yahriel Jimenez that sent senior Sean Welling home. In that same inning, sophomore Michael Arboleda batted in Jimenez to bring the score to 2–1 RPI.

Stevens tied the game again in the bottom of the third, but it was the Engineers who had the momentum. Rensselaer put up three runs in the top of the fourth, scored by junior Ethann Meister, senior Jason Ramos, and senior Sam Lawrence.

The Ducks picked up two more runs in the top of the fourth, and the scoring stopped there. Neither team could get a man around the bases, and it was looking good for the Engineers. Like a classic baseball movie, with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Stevens scrapped together two more runs to put the final score 6–5 in favor of Stevens.

The disheartening last minute loss for the Engineers did not leave them with much momentum going into the second game of Sunday’s double header. The Ducks walked all over the Engineers, scoring runs in the first, third, and eighth, for a 7–0 game.

With the losses, the Engineers are now 0–5. The team will be traveling to Lake Myrtle, Florida for Spring Break training.