Executive Board

Executive Board funds RPI Boxing Club

VICE PRESIDENT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD SHANNON GILLESPIE MCCOMB ’17 DISCUSSES the proposal brought to the Board regarding Destination Imagination. The group became Union funded in September of last year, and came to the Executive Board in hopes of getting a trip to their Global Finals funded.

President of the Boxing Club Liam McEneaney ’17 presented in the Rensselaer Union Executive Board meeting to request a budget for club equipment and a larger practice space. The Boxing Club was made a Union-recognized organization on December 11, 2015, and has since gained a large membership. They are currently looking at a consistent 30 members who each pay 20 dollars in club dues to their coach’s salary. With the majority of the finances going towards this goal, they are left with little to cover the cost of necessary equipment. Following a 15-2-1 vote, the E-Board officially recognized the RPI Boxing Club as Union funded, and approved a starter budget of $200.

Representing Destination Imagination, President Noam Eshed ’18 and Treasurer Shamus Cardon ’18 presented their first place trophy which they obtained at Global Finals 2016 in Knoxville, Tennessee. While the members of the E-Board were thoroughly impressed and pleased with this result, the purpose of DI’s visit was to discuss the club’s budget.

DI became a Union-recognized club last September, and remained budget-less during that time. Through their club dues, fundraising, and paying from pocket, they were able to send themselves to the regional competitions and, subsequently, the global competition. They were looking to become funded for this upcoming year.

The E-Board excused Eshed and Cardon during their discussion on budgeting. It was here that the E-Board was torn on whether or not to fund their trip to “Globals,” cover a percentage of their travel fees, encourage DI to raise their dues, or a combination thereof. The motion to fund the club a full $2618 failed 7-10-1, and the topic of further budgeting for Destination Imagination was tabled until next week.

Due to the lengthy discussion on DI’s club finances, the discussion on the protected class policy was also tabled for next week. For new readers, the protected class policy is a proposed policy that would allow clubs who identify with a certain protected group to exclude individuals who do not identify themselves as members of that group. This controversial idea of excluding other students from Union-recognized clubs resulted in a lengthy debate by the E-Board, and suggestions that the Policies committee make revisions to the policy.

For those interested in learning more or getting involved, E-Board meetings are Thursday nights at 8 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery and are open to the public.