Student government elections come to close

FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNION NICK DVORAK ’16 PLACES the Derby on top of newly-elected PU Chip Kirchner ’17.

Friday, April 15 saw the announcement of election results for all offices elected during Grand Marshal Week 2016.

Former senator Paul Ilori ’17 was elected GM by 56.4 percent of the vote over Dan Rogers ’17, and former Executive Board Representative Chip Kirchner ’17 won President of the Union against Shannon Gillespie McComb ’17, Keegan Caraway ’18, and Liam McEneaney ’17 with 46.6 percent of the vote.

Running unopposed, Eryka Greaves ’17 was elected Undergraduate Council President with 83.7 percent of the vote.

GM Week Elections are held annually, with final elections typically occurring on the Thursday of GM Week. Voters are given a collectible glass mug for voting, and the Student Senate’s Rules & Elections committee oversees the campaigning and elections processes.

For alumni positions, former PU Nick Dvorak ’16 was elected alumni president, former GM Marcus Flowers ’16 was elected alumni vice president, Margaret Murphy ’16 was elected alumni secretary, and former UP Kelly Dearborn ’16 was elected alumni treasurer. Tasked with planning alumni reunions, alumni class positions are lifetime positions.

For independent and Greek positions, Samantha Notley ’18 and Tianyi Qiao ’18 were elected as independent senators, and Hannah Rabinowitz ’18 and Marvin Cosare ’18 were elected as Greek senators for the Panhellenic Council and the Interfraternity Council, respectively.

For the Class of 2017, Kyle Neumann ’17 was re-elected Class of 2017 president, and Michael Gardner ’17 was re-elected Class of 2017 vice president through a write-in campaign. Austin Miller ’17, Erica Braunschweig ’17, Joseph Venusto ’17, and CJ Markum ’17 were elected as Class of 2017 senators. Alexander Peixinho ’17, Trevor Corraro ’17, Emily Phillips ’17, Brian Priem ’17, Marcus Barbret ’17, Samuel Waddell ’17, Parker Reno ’17, and Ryan Bailey ’17 were elected as Class of 2017 representatives; Peixinho was the only candidate on the ballot.

For the Class of 2018, Brenna Buckley ’18 and Sean Waclawik ’18 were elected as president and vice president, respectively. For the Class of 2018 senators, Justin Etzine ’18, Matthew Heimlich ’18, Steven Sperazza ’18, and Richard Lin ’18 were elected. Ellie Mees ’18, Youssef Elasser ’18, Yueze Li ’18, Stefanie Warner ’18, Gwen Diebold ’18, Xing Tong ’18, Daniel Gorman ’18, Kayla Cinnamon ’18, and Mark Beston ’18 were elected as Class of 2018 representatives, where the latter five were write-in candidates.

For the Class of 2019, Vignesh Babu ’19 and Colin Williamson ’19 were elected as president and vice president, respectively. Kyle Waters ’19, Nancy Bush ’19, Caleb Caraway ’19, and Pamela Pulla ’19 were elected as Class of 2019 senators in the most contested senate race of the election cycle. Colin Atkinson ’19, Chris McCulloch ’19, Benjamin Morrison ’19, Jeffrey Rong ’19, David Tamir ’19, Thomas Jansson ’19, Mark Birkbeck ’19, and Yuvraj Chopra ’19 were elected Class of 2019 representatives.

Graduate students Michael Caiola, Anthony Ashley, Brandon Bensel, Ainsley Pinkowitz, Jordan Angel, and Anthony Bishop were elected as graduate senators. Graduate students Amanda Youmans, Jennifer Church, Spencer Scott, Brandon Bensel, Emily Aaldenberg, and Kelly Jenkins were elected as graduate representatives.

A total of four sanctions were issued by R&E during the 2016 election cycle. Kirchner received a sanction for repeated posting of posters on the footbridge sign holders, which carried a penalty of extra service hours. Chopra saw his collected nominations nullified by a sanction for repeat violations of the rule that bars active campaigning in dining halls. Licata, Gillespie McComb, and Braunschweig received an extra hour of community service for not including takedown and contact information on all visible sides of their posters; Licata received a second sanction for not including a takedown date on his posters.

R&E and the Judicial Board released a number of decisions during the campaigning season, many of which involve the submission, or lack thereof, of required campaign forms or the waiving of grade point averages for various positions. An article describing all decisions can be found at

R&E also saw a late change in leadership when Victoria Tong ’16, then chairperson of R&E, resigned from her position, leading the committee’s Vice-Chairperson Hannah Rabinowitz ’18 to assume the role as acting chairperson.

The full election results can be found online at