GM Week 2016 GM/PU Debate

The Poly‘s live coverage of the Grand Marshal Week 2016 GM/PU Debate has concluded. An archive is available within.

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201618:42

Fewer than 20 minutes to the start!

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201618:54

About to start!

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:12

1.) What does being GM mean to you?

Paul: Leadership, dedication, and creating a example for students to follow, represents students ideas to tangible results
Dan: Leadership and liaison, represent student body instead of just each Student Senate member.
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:17

Follow-up questions to introductions…

Dan: develop relationship, “zero way road” currently, reinstating “Pizza with the President” idea
Paul: accomplishing goals on time important

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:20

Paul: Student Union future critical, work with Marcus and Nick for complete understanding
Dan: unfilled positions harming students, expose academic tutors

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:24

Q: What do you feel you will have to improve on if elected GM?

Dan: more informed liaison between Student Government and the Student Body, table once a week to inform students to lead to more involvement with committees
Paul: rebuttal to Dan’s tabling idea–simply not plausible, aiming to improve on professionalism
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:27

Opinion on what’s going on recently with Executive Director position?

Paul: addressed problem well, student voice
Dan: StuGov effective, lacking reactiveness though

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:30

Transparency? Necessary, yes or no?

Dan: felt cheated when asked to leave Senate meeting due to it becoming a closed meeting, meeting dates not updated on website
Paul: release documents Senate is working on including drafts on Reddit to gain feedback and suggestions, use Senate page on website more
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:33

Candidate specific questions…

Professionalism for Paul: maintain actions better through reflection before any outbursts, will work to cut down outbursts while holding himself to higher standards
Never served as Senate but as a Class Representative, how will you work with Senate Dan: has sat in on many meetings, wanted to join Senate but Vice President of fraternity at time, running because not on Senate and has a different perspective that he will provide
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:36
What would you like to see?

Dan: solid platform of Constitution and communication between administration and GM

Paul: Constitution review vote to eliminate vagueness
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:38
Thoughts on current GM?

Paul: Marcus nicely organized committee’s projects

Dan: continuing active roles within committee’s, increase intercollegiate involvement
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:44

Questions from audience…

For Dan–worries with working with Senate if never have worked with them? Will solidify a unified dynamic when the Senate is established for next year
For both–handle communication?
Paul: build off current progress by reacting to situation well
Dan: genuine person and has much experience with talking with many people
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:47

Question for both: explain past experience with dealing with administration.

Dan: Class Treasurer experience
Paul: meetings with VP Claude Rounds to work on implementing new projects
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:53

Question for both: as a GM, how do you feel of current Union scenario?

Paul: work with committees to finalize letter to administration
Dan: time efficiency lacking

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201619:56

Question for both: stance on Save the Union movement?

Dan: more activity between students and Senate
Paul: will work further to appropriate people

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:10

Closing statements of GM candidates, time for PU Debate.

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:13

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:24

Introductions of President of the Union candidates…
Liam: expand new clubs, increase graduate and undergraduate programming, improve administration-student communication

Shannon: experience with E-Boards since age 13, promote understanding of where our Activity Fee is going

Chip: restructure budgeting, prepare for summer programming

Keegan: maintain Union autonomy, make it clearer for students of how to start a new club

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:27

What does the Rensselaer Union mean to you?

Keegan: stands for students and its services
Chip: bringing students together on campus
Shannon: represents students
Liam: represents non-academic side of students to build leadership

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:30

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:41
Various questions on PU platforms, below are brief comments from candidates.

Keegan: make it clear of process available for club to become Union funded

Chip: change attitude of administration because meetings not most effective as of right now
Shannon: call emergency meetings if E-Board not performing well
Liam: casual, fun events with graduates and undergraduates to seek out others with same interests
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:42
Explain relationship you would like to have with Administration and Dr. Jackson.
Liam: “talk to the right people at the right time” in a professional manner
Shannon: working and open relationship to speak of concerns professional and have administration seek their concerns with students
Chip: have more senior members advocate for E-Board, develop relationships with not only senior members
Keegan: will figure out which mode of communication is the best with administration–email, meeting in person, etc.
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:44
Thoughts of new Executive Director position?
Keegan: Director of the Union should be plenty for administrative linkage
Chip: E-Board should take a harder stance on position
Shannon: position not necessary and will not help two-way communication
Liam: need to discern all information first
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:46
What do you think you will need to improve on the most to fulfill PU abilities?
Liam: more research of E-Board doings
Shannon: finding the right balance between being professional and personable
Chip: develop better working relationships with students, knowledge limited only to Rensselaer Union, need to expand horizons
Keegan: make sure everything in the E-Board stays moving
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:47

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:51
Handling of the Athletics?
Keegan: more research of what’s occurring
Chip: look for right solutions to send to administration
Shannon: we did the best we could with what we had
Liam: no warning was not right, can speak of how to improve at moment
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201620:53
Should the votes of the E-Board be made public?
Liam: “Yes”
Shannon: not all votes should be public, trust officials when voting, some closed votes are needed sometimes
Chip: “Votes are already public”
Keegan: like to know more of what issue this question is targeting, perhaps with the example of the bookstore
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201621:04
How do you take criticism? How are you going to earn respect?
Keegan: has served on Senate and experienced both prongs on the question
Chip: loves feedback, be knowledgeable in what you’re doing
Shannon: learned how to decipher between the good and the bad, “point of life is to grow,” be the best by leading by example
Liam: as part of ROTC and being constantly evaluated has led him to handle criticism and earn respect
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201621:10
Other activities?
Liam: NROTC, started boxing club and willing to hand over leadership position to someone else
Shannon: sorority, environmental national club and its monthly meetings, will make time
Chip: club officer, E-Board and sat on three committees, does not see himself with problems with time management
Keegan: attended E-Board and Senate meetings, foresees no issues with time and being PU
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201621:11
Questions for Liam and Keegan?
Liam–why jump right to PU without E-Board experience?
Answer: started new boxing club, talking to people is fun
Keegan–part of Senate, why going to PU and not GM?
Answer: new outlook to E-Board
Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201621:12

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201621:13

Below: President of the Union Nick Dvorak ’16 asking the four PU candidates how they handle criticism and going about to earn respect.

Maria Kozdroy April 13, 201621:15

Closing statements made; thank you to all those that came out to the CDTA GM/PU Debates!