Spring fair facilitates employment opportunities

IN PURSUIT OF EMPLOYMENT, RPI STUDENTS SPOKE with representatives from companies to establish connections.

The Spring 2016 Career Fair, sponsored by the Center for Career and Professional Development, occurred on Wednesday, February 10 in the Armory. Between the Fall and Spring Career Fairs, the Spring Career Fair is usually regarded as the smaller event, but many employers still attend it. The lines to talk to employers were considerably smaller during this career fair than they were during the fall. Over 150 different companies sent recruiters to attend the event to advertise currently available job opportunities. Full time positions, co-op opportunities, and summer internships were amongst the opportunities being advertised to students.

Before the event occurred, the CCPD offered many opportunities for students to refine their résumé and receive professional advice about taking full advantage of the opportunities the career fair provides for students. One of these events included the traditional Resumania, where professional recruiters will critique your resume and pitch. They will then give you advice on how to improve your professional image in order to ensure you are putting your best foot forward come the day of the career fair.

Taking advantage of the fact that a large proportion of students own smartphones, the main method of disseminating information about the career fair was the RPI Career Fair Plus app. The app is available for both iOS and Android smartphone users, on each platform’s respective app store. For example, the floor plan detailing where exactly employers set up their tables was loaded into the app.

With a wide range of companies, opportunities for internships, co-ops, and full-time jobs were abundant. Overall, the Spring 2016 Career Fair proved invaluable for students looking for various employment opportunities.