Hoskins appointed Communications chairman

PRESIDENT OF THE UNION NICK DVORAK ’16 PROVIDES insight to the Senate on recently-announced Athletics budgeting changes

Grand Marshal Marcus Flowers ’16 opened the Student Senate meeting with committee reports. Of note was the Union Annual Report Committee’s report, in which graduate student Jen Church explained that a draft of the Union Annual Report had not yet been sent out due to complications caused by the athletics announcement.

This week Chris Hoskins ’16 was able to attend the meeting to discuss his appointment as chairman of the Student Government Communications Committee. Hoskins made a speech before the Senate, in which he explained that his experience as the chairman of the Executive Board Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity Committee is valuable for this position. Church described SGCC as “almost as an extension of MAP for student government.” Justin Etzine ’18 said he has had a “great experience working with him” and that Hoskins is dedicated to what he commits to. When asked about what he would do as chairman, Hoskins explained that he would open as many lines of communication as possible because having media available in multiple forms allows students to obtain more information. The Senate moved to vote and approved the appointment unanimously.

President of the Union Nick Dvorak ’16 was in attendance and contributed to the discussion on the removal of intercollegiate athletics from the Rensselaer Union budget. An explanation of the change can be read at Dvorak explained that the budget approved by the E-Board for athletics for FY17 would stay. In addition, the Student Activity Fee would possibly split into three parts: one part for class dues, one part for Union and Mueller Center, and one for ICA. Steven Sperazza ’18 asked whether this would set a precedent with the Institute regarding how important changes were made. Dvorak said that he does not believe this sets a precedent, as it involved NCAA bylaws compliance that may have previously been overlooked by auditors.

The meeting concluded with a video made by the Facilities and Services Committee about their upcoming water bottle refilling station project.