Allegations suggest R&E behind freshmen election negligence

Allegations of tampering with Fall 2015 freshman elections have been brought to Statler & Waldorf and relayed to The Polytechnic. It is unclear what implications the accusations will have.

Former Rules and Elections Committee Chairman Paul Ilori ’17 is purported to have permitted the submission of incomplete nomination forms for certain students running in freshman elections. After being notified by S&W, The Poly requested the candidate-submitted forms from the Rensselaer Union, but no conclusions have been made. Ilori stepped down from the chairmanship last week, saying it was “a temporary position where I took over the group mid-cycle” and that the current committee is “more than ready” to continue on without him.

The investigation into the election is ongoing.

Update (September 7, 2016): The Polytechnic Senior Board apologizes to Paul Ilori ’17 for the publication of this article. The investigation did not yield any results that support the allegations.