Men’s Rugby alloted budget for final competition

RUGBY OFFICERS COME before the Executive Board for budget reallocation for men’s travel.

The Executive Board meeting opened Thursday, November 12, with the introduction of the new Student Activities Assistant, Alex Pizzola. Her duties include advising service clubs such as Colleges Against Cancer, Habitat for Humanity, and Circle K.

Next, Ken Palmer, manager of the new and improved Rensselaer Collegiate Store, presented two documents to the E-board. The first document stated the sales of the store and their progression from their opening until now, and the second document was a ratio analysis scrutinizing the comparison of supplies bought and sold against the enrollment. While Palmer states that the rise in sales since their opening reflects well, especially to a business at the beginning of its career, only half of the student body is making purchases at the store. He justifies this predicament by noting that it was only the first semester. He goes on to mention that the Collegiate Store plans on offering a price matching program for text books. This price matching will occur at either the time of transaction or within seven days of the transaction. Any money refunded will be in the form of a gift card. This exciting new deal will take place next semester and the details concerning exclusions and exceptions will be made clear as the time approaches. Palmer is also excited to introduce new Rensselaer merchandise with a Star Wars twist, in spirit of the movie’s December release.

The E-board wished congratulations to the men’s rugby team for winning the Tri-state Rugby Conference and for their invitation to compete in the National Rugby Playoffs November 21 and 22. This competition will take place in Greenville, North Carolina. The total cost of the trip itself including hotels for the 26 players, coach, and bus driver will be $7,208. Both the men’s and women’s rugby have $2,000 allocated to them for travel expenses, and RPI Rugby came looking to have the women’s travel expenses reallocated to the men’s travelling expenses. Representing men’s rugby was President William Howard ’16 and representing Women’s Rugby was Treasurer Kathryn Peoples ’17. In a unanimous vote of 13-0-0, the motion to reallocate the $2,000 from the women’s travel fund to the men’s fund passed.

The position for Senate/Executive Board Liaison is still pending and President Nick Dvorak ’16 announced that there will be one for next week’s meeting. After announcements were made, Dvorak reminded E-board members of their duties involved in the budgeting of those groups that they are responsible for.

Vasudha’s new plan for water bottle filling stations was mentioned and discussed at the tail end of the meeting. The plan is to set up these stations throughout campus in easy-access locations, with a cleaner and healthier alternative to filling your water bottle at a drinking fountain; the water bottle-filling station will also double as a drinking fountain. Vasudha is not in search of funds, but approval for their use of funds, which the E-board granted in a 13-0-0 vote concluding the meeting.