Engineers banish Yale Bulldogs to doghouse

ENGINEERS SOPHOMORE FORWARD JARED WILSON CHOPS DOWN on a Bears hockey stick to gain control of the puck.

The Engineers had two challenging games this weekend against Yale and Brown on Friday and Saturday, respectively. RPI came out strong on Friday night and scored a goal within a minute and a half of the start of the first period. The goal was put up by senior Mark Miller with a snap shot from the top of the slot assisted by sophomores Drew Melanson and Lou Nanne. The goal did not go unanswered for long. It was only five minutes later that Yale’s Bulldogs tied the score 1-1 with a rush on the net. The game stayed tied for the rest of the period with only one penalty on the Engineers. The Engineers’ goalie, freshman Cam Hackett, had 15 shots put on him in the first period while Yale had 16 put on their goalie the entire game.

Nanne slipped one by the Bulldogs’ goaltender while two of the Engineers screened. Another few minutes of play and the second period ended with a score of 2-1. As the third began, the Engineers played a strong defensive game, only attempting three shots on the net the entire period. Unfortunately, on a Bulldogs’ power play, Yale tied the game again with a rebound opportunity from a direct shot from the hash marks.

The game went into overtime with both teams giving their all to win. Yale won the faceoff and took it into the Engineers’ end. They ripped shot after shot at Hackett but either he or the other players blocked every one. Some shots went wide but one hit the post, only inches from being a goal. After some amazing defensive play, the Engineers’ sophomore Viktor Liljegren had a breakaway and put the last goal of the game up top shelf.

RPI was unable to put up an immediate lead against Brown in their game Saturday night and got caught behind with less than a minute left in the first on a power play opportunity, Brown’s second power play of the period. In the second period, the Engineers were given three power play chances and managed to capitalize on one to tie the score 1-1.

The third period was by far the most exciting 20 minutes of the weekend. Four goals were scored in the third and two of those were scored by Brown in the first three minutes. Brown scored one goal in 30 seconds, and put up the next on a power play two minutes later. The Engineers would not stand for this and managed to follow up with a beautiful goal by sophomore Kenny Gillespie after sophomore Jared Wilson threaded the needle from one corner of the offensive end to the other under pressure. Senior Zach Schroeder also scored a few minutes later, tying the game 3-3.

Saturday’s game also went into overtime. Brown had a goal called off on their power play. The referee had blown the whistle for no goal but the puck did end up in the back of the net. The call was ruled good due to a replay issue and the game was left tied, giving the Engineers a three point weekend.