Time Capsule, Arch Forum discussed

The Executive Board meeting commenced Thursday, November 5, with a discussion of E-Board policy changes. The discussion centered around the dilemma of long-term club budgeting. The alterations to the current policies were voted in to take effect immediately.

President of the Rensselaer Colleges Against Cancer Chris Hoskins ’16 returned after funding was denied for the Relay for Life fitness event last week. This week, he had a proposal for a kick-off event that would take place in early February as a promotional event for Relay for Life. He mentioned that this would be one of a series of promotional events that would lead up to the Relay for Life. The theme for this year is the Olympics, in reference to the 2016 Summer Olympics, therefore the events will promote fitness and good health practices. The event will include smoothies, fitness classes, ROTC boot camp, massages, and more. In the first proposal, the kick-off event had been a footnote to the Relay for Life event and had been encompassed in the budget; the new budget was strictly for the kick-off event, causing it to be more grandiose with requests for $100 for wood, $20 for paint, $400 for decorations, and $50 for cardboard. After questions were asked, it was discovered that the purchase of these materials would not go solely to the kick-off event, but to events throughout the year and towards the Colleges Against Cancer supply reserve. Board members argued that RPI Colleges Against Cancer were essentially asking for the same thing in this proposal as they were in the last. Other board members suggested going to local hardware stores for donations (due to the worthiness of the cause) or reusing the supplies they currently possess. Hoskins informed the E-Board that the supplies the club currently has are in a state worse than disrepair. In allusion to the policies previously discussed, the board finally concluded that Colleges Against Cancer would need to include these events in their budget, and the motion to provide them with funds failed in a 4-7-1 vote.

Via video chat, Class of 2015 president Erin Amarello ’15 answered the E-Board’s questions over the highly debated topic of the Class of 2015’s time capsule. Ideally, the class would like the capsule to be stored in the Rensselaer Union in the Rathskeller; however, the Alumni House would be willing to take it on, or it could even be buried, according to Amarello. The time capsule would be placed under the care of two Class of 2015 council members who reside locally. One concern with the time capsule was the “precedent” it would set for classes to come. Amarello assured the E-Board that members of her class would be taking care of the capsule’s transportation and handling. The members were agreeable as it was class council money being spent and the motion to allow the funds to be used for this purpose was approved.

Grand Marshal Marcus Flowers ’16 paid a visit to the meeting, looking for approval to reserve the McNeil room so that the Summer Arch forum could take place there. It had originally been planned for November 10 from 6-9 pm, but has been pushed to February. The forum will consist of a panel of student government officers, faculty, and other professionals. The first hour would be focused on other issues while the final two hours would be dedicated to Summer Arch. Students would have a chance to ask questions and voice opinions at this forum. Flowers inquired over the procedure to reserve the McNeil room for a later date that is still to be determined. The E-Board supplied him with the information and expressed their support of the Summer Arch forum.