Incident blotter: multiple employees harrassed by significant others

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Friday, November 6

Sharp Residence Hall
Medical: A student was diagnosed with pneumonia the day before by the Student Health Center. He was coughing up blood and having difficulty breathing so he was transported by RPI Ambulance to Samaritan Hospital for further examination.

Saturday, November 7

Burdett Avenue Residence Hall
Medical: A student was suffering from a panic attack and called after taking two doses of their medicine with no relief of symptoms. She was transported to Samaritan Hospital by RPI Ambulance for examination.

Beman Lane
Harassment: A student’s ex-partner was hiding in their closet and they got into a fight. The Department of Public Safety and the Troy Police Department responded and one person was arrested by TPD. DPS filed a report with the dean on duty at the time.

The Quadrangle
Harassment: A student was found in his ex-partner’s room after a no-contact order was placed for both parties. By the time DPS arrived, the student was gone so a report was filed with the dean on duty at the time.

Monday, November 9

Department of Public Safety
Harassment: An employee came to the DPS Office accompanied by her boss to file a report about their ex-spouse coming onto campus to harass them.

Off Campus Address
Assault: A student was mugged in the parking lot of McDonalds on 15th Street and Hoosick Road. DPS filed a report with TPD detailing the incident.

Colonie Apartments
Fire Alarm: A fire alarm was activated, and the cause was determined to be burnt popcorn. The alarm was reset by Troy Fire Department.

Tuesday, November 10

Harassment: An employee’s ex-spouse was found in the parking lot, and they are in the process of a getting a restraining order. By the time officers arrived, the suspect had left, but was later found by the Folsom Library. The suspect was advised to leave the employee alone and to stay off campus.