Bomber’s Troy location closed, to reopen

Those looking for dinner on Sunday night from Bombers Burrito Bar in Troy were greeted with an unexpected sign outside the restaurant. The restaurant, which has other locations in Schenectady and Albany, was closed abruptly after the franchisers, Tami and Damon Dzembo, decided to terminate the franchise agreement.

The Polytechnic reached out to the principal owner of Bombers, Matthew Baumgartner, for an explanation as to why the store was closed, as the sign only explained that the circumstances were “out of our control.”

Baumgartner explained that the location was going to become directly controlled by the owners of the restaurant chain, which was intended to occur at the start of the new year. However, after the franchisees decided they did not want to continue running the location, the transfer of ownership was initiated earlier than originally anticipated.

Although the location will be closed while the permits are in progress, Baumgartner is confident that the restaurant will be reopened as soon as possible.