WEIRD: Twins denied permits, Subway to measure food

Underground “Hug Club” Discovered at Church Camp

In a nod to the famous movie “Fight Club,” young boys at Camp Akita in Grandview Heights, OH were instructed not to talk about the “Hug Club.” Concerned parents discovered that the one of the hugs practiced by the club involved “rocking your hips back and forth.”

Identical Twins Denied Learner’s Permit

Alicia and Alicen Kennedy were denied the ability to get learner’s permits after software used by the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles was unable to tell them apart. The State of Georgia has since contacted the teens, and is working to get them the permits.

Study Finds Cheese to be as Addictive as Drugs

A University of Michigan study has found that cheese is similar in its addictive properties to drugs. During digestion, a protein called casein, found in dairy products, releases opiates.

Subway to Begin Measuring Sandwiches

National fast-food chain Subway has agreed to start measuring their sandwiches to ensure they meet six and 12-inch lengths advertised. The measurement comes as a result of a lawsuit made by a disgruntled consumer whose sandwich reached only 11 inches.

Chicago Bulls Player Removes Rear View-Mirror in Vehicle

Following the signing of a five-year, $95 million contract, Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler reportedly removed the rear-view mirror of his car so he “couldn’t look back.” Butler claims to have performed the action as a symbolic gesture of moving on from his past.

Man begins campout for Black Friday sales 33 days early

A Best Buy in central Florida has a new neighbor after radio host Kevin Sutton set up a tent and began living outside the store on Sunday in hopes of purchasing a new television and raising awareness for the homeless. Sutton is accepting gifts and donations, which will be sent to a foundation, and will only eat and drink what is provided to him by passersby.