Stairwell murals approved for purchase

E-BOARD REPRESENTATIVES SIGN the motion approving new graphics along the lower stairwell walls of the Union.

On Thursday, September 24, at 8 pm, the Executive Board meeting was called into order. After greetings to the E-board members and guests, Martha McElligott was invited to begin her presentation. McElligott is part of the financial team that covers the budget for Rensselaer Union clubs and oversees the training of clubs in terms of how to use and request finances. In her presentation, she demonstrated how to navigate the Union website in order to find the financial section. She also detailed the different forms necessary for a club’s finances to run smoothly, such as the Club Purchasing Bid Sheet, RCS Guest Account, Reimbursement Form, Student Payroll Authorization, and Union Purchase Requisition Form. These are all available online at the Union website.

After covering these fine details concerning club budgeting, McElligott urged the members of the board to reach out to clubs they are affiliated with, go to their meetings, email them, build a relationship, and to coordinate with the club’s Student Activities Resource Person. She also emphasized the importance of the individual board members’ responsibility, along with the club’s SARP, for understanding all these details as they pertain to their specific clubs, for they are representing that club.

Committee Chair Chris Hoskins ’16 was next to the floor and dove into his presentation on a Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity Committee project. The project is essentially the placement of large graphics along the walls of the stairwells in the Union. The first graphic is of the original Polytechnic news article, outlining the Union constitution. It is located in the more narrow east stairwell. The second graphic is a busy image outlining the homes of the Union, which include locations such as the Clubhouse Pub, the Lally building, the ’87 Gym, the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, the Mueller Center, and Academy Hall. Questions arose if whether or not the East Campus Athletic Village should be included in this graphic since the teams are funded by the Union; it was decided that since its facilities are not managed by the Union, it would be left out. Other questions arose, such as whether or not there would be adequate lighting where the graphics will be placed, and if there should be a plaque explaining their purpose. Both of those concerns were concluded unnecessary.

The topic transitioned to the McNeil Room and the changes taking place there. Carpet selection was first to be discussed. Five selections were presented, the favorite of which was a dark gray-slate, with red and white accent lines. It was thought to be too dark by the board members, and the solution of having a lighter gray was come upon. After carpet, chairs and tables were discussed. Champion chairs are wooden-backed with a red vinyl seat, while Sate chairs are made of a flexible material with a wooden back. These two options were presented to the board, and the Champion was determined to be preferable. Members of the board came to this conclusion after asking questions such as the durability, warranty, and whether or not the purchase of dollies would be required, which it was. The new table plan was displayed, showing the lack of circular tables, and the tally of 143 powered seats and 180 non-powered seats.

The conclusion of the meeting was made with the Senate Report by Andrew Sudano ’17, who stated a positive and concise report and the President’s Report. President of the Union Nick Dvorak ’16 announced the motion to approve the MAP’s project, which are the previously mentioned wall graphics, resulting in a passing 14-0-0 vote.