President announces plans for juniors to spend summer on campus

Summer Arch program to start with Class of 2021

A program requiring rising juniors to spend a summer on campus has been announced by Institute administration, and it is currently unclear what impact, if any, it will have on the student life status quo. President Shirley Ann Jackson announced the program, called the Summer Arch, today, saying the program “prepares students to meet…multifaceted challenges of the 21st century.”

Some details of Summer Arch have been laid out, but many remain unclear. It is known that under the program, students will attend a full summer session on campus. This will be followed by the first or second semester of their junior year away from campus.

The “away” semester, as it’s currently being called, will “allow students to take advantage of numerous co-curricular and experiential activities available off campus, including international experiences, internships, co-ops, research opportunities, and engagement in community service projects,” said Allison Newman, the associate vice president of Strategic Communications and External Relations.

Students have expressed concern about how the dynamic of current student life will change. Examples brought to the attention of the Poly include the fact that a large number of club officers are juniors. Additionally, questions have been asked about student life during the summer program itself; only the rising junior class and few others will be on campus.

Editor’s note: As stated in the article, many questions about the Summer Arch program remain. As these topics are discussed and brought to light, The Poly will provide updates.

Correction: In the second paragraph, it was originally stated that students will be away from campus during the fall semester of their junior year. In materials The Poly received from the Institute, it is stated that students will actually be able to be away either the fall or the spring semester. This has been corrected in the article.