E-Board communicates electronically over summer

THE RENSSELAER UNION BOOKSTORE HAS BEEN VACATED in preparation of the upcoming opening of the Rensselaer Collegiate Store.

The Executive Board communicated electronically in the past few weeks to resolve issues surrounding the Rensselaer Union Bookstore just before the end of the semester. Because most E-Board members are away from Rensselaer during the summer, President of the Union Nick Dvorak determined it would be necessary to adopt special rules of order, as stated in Article V section 7 of their bylaws, to allow easier electronic voting for proxy meetings. The Policy Committee, a subcommittee of the E-Board, approved the change to the special rules of order 3-0-0. It was then approved 11-0-0 by the E-Board.

The full text of the special rules of order, including revisions, is available in the summer E-Board Dropbox at http://poly.rpi.edu/s/qt5cl.

On June 6, there was a motion to allow a closed discussion relating to the bookstore and allow Joe Cassidy, Ron Moraski, Rasika Ekhalikar ’17, and Ines Roman ’16 to be present for the discussion. This motion passed 10-3-0.

On June 8, there was a motion to “approve the contract allowing Follett Higher Education Group Inc. to operate the Rensselaer Union Bookstore in accordance with the terms presented to the Board.” This motion passed 7-3-0.

The bookstore has been temporarily moved next to the games room while Follett renovates the space. The bookstore will return to its previous location in the Fall 2015 semester.