Rensselaer Union

J-Board rules Executive Board actions unconstitutional

Closed meeting minutes to be released; adherence to Constitution and bylaws advised

Judicial Board Chairman Anthony Barbieri ’15 released a formal decision on the constitutionality of actions taken by the previous Executive Board with regards to the RPI Bookstore on Friday, May 22. The ruling comes ten days after The Polytechnic released a breaking news article detailing the changes to the bookstore, which can be found at

The voting members of J-Board in attendance for the ruling were Orlando Hernandez ’16, graduate student Nathan James, graduate student Timothy Krentz, Christopher Norticola ’16, and Spencer Pilcher ’16. Barbieri presided over the meeting. Additionally, 125th President of the Union Erin Amarello ’15 was in attendance, and the author of the case, Christopher Picone ’15, was available via phone call to answer questions. The J-Board decisions were passed unanimously.

The full text of the ruling is as follows:

Upon review of actions taken in regards to negotiations surrounding the bookstore, the Judicial Board finds:

The Executive Board conducted business in a manner subversive to the operation of said body as outlined in the Union Constitution and the Executive board’s bylaws. Specifically, the following acts of The Executive Board are unconstitutional:

  • Closed meetings without passing a motion.
  • Allowed non-Board members to be present in said closed meetings without passing a motion.
  • Authorized the Director of the Union to enter into negotiations without passing a motion.
  • Approved the signing of a letter of intent without passing a motion.

In light of these actions, the Judicial Board:

  • Instructs that all minutes from improperly closed meetings be released immediately excluding any details that would violate pertinent non-disclosure agreements.
  • Advises that the Executive Board follows the procedures outlined in their Bylaws and the Rensselaer Union Constitution.
  • Recognizes that Motion 6 passed by the Executive Board on May 15th 2015, allows for further negotiation to proceed.
  • Recommends that procedures surrounding contract negotiations be formally established.

The rulings can be found online at