Rensselaer Union

BREAKING: E-Board passes motion on Bookstore in unpublicized meeting

J-Board case reportedly submitted against E-Board

The Executive Board convened for a meeting at 1 pm on Friday, May 15. In the meeting, the status of negotiations related to the bookstore were discussed, and a motion regarding the bookstore was passed unanimously. Unfortunately, because The Polytechnic was not notified about the meeting, reporters were not able to be in attendance. The full text of the motion, which was moved by Jeremy Feldman ’16 and seconded by Gregory Bartell ’17, reads as follows:

I move that the Rensselaer Union Executive Board:

  1. Issue a formal apology to the Student Body for willfully subverting the Executive Board Bylaws by holding an unofficial and secret vote to pursue the negotiation of contract management of the Union Bookstore.
  2. Authorize the Director of the Union to negotiate the terms of contracts, on behalf of the Rensselaer Union Executive Board, relating to the operation and management of the Union Bookstore by an outside company; such contracts shall only be valid and binding upon an affirmative vote by this Board once the terms of the contracts are finalized.
  3. Release all relevant and pertinent information regarding the current state of such contracts to the Student Body that does not violate any non-disclosure agreements entered into by the Union or their representatives.

The Polytechnic has also received reports that a Judicial Board case has been submitted to Dean of Students Mark Smith regarding the actions taken by the E-Board. The Poly is currently investigating the details of the case.