Dvorak wins PU election

NICK DVORAK ’16 won the PU election with over 85 percent of student votes.

On Friday, April 24, the result of the President of the Union runoff election was announced in Mother’s Wine Emporium. Nick Dvorak ’16 won the election, held earlier that day, with 85.32 percent of votes. 13.47 percent of the student body voted in the runoff election.

Dvorak ran a write-in campaign after initially withdrawing from the PU race. In the Grand Marshal Week PU election held on Thursday, April 16, Dvorak received 14.957 percent of votes and his opponent Greg Bartell ’17 received 35.9 percent. However, because no eligible candidate reached the 40 percent threshold, a runoff election was required.

Dvorak has proposed plans for possible changes to club and Executive Board operations. E-Board representatives will be expected to meet with their clubs at least once a month. Also, clubs will be asked to create four-year plans for budgeting. A four-year plan would theoretically enable clubs to plan major expenses years in advance. If clubs are having a problem with the PU or their E-Board representative, they can submit complaints or feedback via an online form.

Applications for the Executive Board are currently available and can be found in yellow folders on bulletin boards throughout the Union, as a PDF at , and as a Google Form at . The deadline for E-Board applications is 11:59 pm on Wednesday, May 6.