GM Week 2015 election results

Election results can be found on Flagship (

Editor’s notes:

There will be a runoff election for President of the Union on Friday, April 24 between Greg Bartell ’17 and Nicholas Dvorak ’16, since no candidate received greater than 40 percent of the vote.

3209 ballots were cast on April 16, representing 45.66 percent of the electorate.

*The Graduate Council will resolve the tie for the remaining two seats by choosing two of the following: Benjamin Walcott, Timothy Krentz, Anthony D’Amanto, Jennifer Kile, Elisabeth Brown, James Gambino, Daniel Eckhardt. These candidates all tied for fifth place with two votes.

**The newly elected 2017 Class Council will fill the remaining two class representative seats by choosing two of the following: Eryka Greaves, Samuel Waddel, Harlan Grossman. These three candidates tied for seventh place with five votes.